Where to Find Be The Change // Links

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Where to Find Be The Change // Links

Thank you for your amazing support during our first month with Be The Change Podcast.

Be The Change has been accepted on most platforms. Please let us know if your favorite is not listed:

Website: www.ralphharper.com/bethechange
iTunes: http://bit.ly/BTCpodcast
Spotify: http://bit.ly/BTConSpotify
Google Play:http://bit.ly/BTConGoogle
TuneIn: http://bit.ly/BTConTuneIn
Stitcher: http://bit.ly/BTConStitcher
Libsyn: http://bit.ly/BTConLibsyn
Public Radio: http://bit.ly/BTConPublicRadio

About Be The Change

Welcome to the Be The Change podcast.  On this podcast, I share my vision for the future of the United States. Think of this platform as a roadmap from a dark history on a continuum to brighter days in the 2060’s decade.

Yep – That’s right, I’m a forward-thinker whose purpose is to dictate positive outcomes for our children and our country versus leaving it all to chance. I cover parenting, fatherhood, accountability, and what it takes to WIN in this great nation. It’s not just me, I will have difficult conversations with other thought leaders of different backgrounds and political affiliations.