Be The Change // Episode 7: Do or Die, The 2020 Election

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Be The Change // Episode 7: Do or Die, The 2020 Election

Trump has been in office for just over two years – for me, it feels like he has been there for over 20 years.

Democrats are in a vicarious predicament:

  • They are suffering the consequences of Hillary’s mishaps and complacency
  • Donald Trump is the consequence of the United States electing its first African American President
  • Nonetheless, if we get it wrong in 2020, the consequences could be monumental and long lasting
  • Climate Change
    • Tax cuts that aren’t working out for the middle class and the poor
    • Our international reputation
    • Russia’s new competitive advantage
    • China tariffs conflated with China’s move to become the new World Tech leader
    • Race polarization
  • The thing that could make the 2020 election very interesting is the X Factor, Billionaire Howard Shultz
  • Of Democrats capable getting national notoriety and funding, the candidates fall in three buckets
  • Likely to win the Democratic Nomination and beat trump
    • Biden
    • Harris
    • Kerry
    • Michael Bennett
  • Viable Candidates who will compete well against Trump
    • Holder
    • Warren
    • Sanders
    • Beto O’Rourke
    • Castro
    • Booker
    • Gillibrand
    • Bloomberg
    • McAuliffe Former Governor of Virginia
    • Brown – Senator from Ohio