Be The Change // Episode 1: Why Are You Sounding So White?

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Be The Change // Episode 1: Why Are You Sounding So White?

Today on Be The Change we talk about race relations and how “sounding so white” might be grounds for parental punishment?

My brother Steve Harper

I’m convinced he has nine lives and a will to live like no other man. He’s a fighter and his opponents have not been slouches. They are world renowned and they have no mercy – relentless. But, one after the other and sometimes he took on multiple of his opponents at once – drugs, alcohol, a broken neck, meningitis, nicotine, throat cancer and more. With his back against the ropes, he consistently surfaced on top – victorious and a winner. After knocking them all out, he raised his fists in the air with bold confidence celebrating like Ali as he shouted in his raspy voice “I shook up the world.” He’s my brother and my best friend.

My brother Steve recently asked me if there was “anything” he could do to support me with our nonprofit organization, Catherine Harper for Keepers (CH4K). I could tell he really wants to help honor our mother. So, today, I will formally ask the CH4K Board of Directors to confirm Steven Harper as the CH4K Ambassador for the State of Alabama. If approved, Steve will be the primary advocate in the State of Alabama for CH4K and CH4K programs (Mentoring, Fatherhood, STEM and Jobs). In the short term, his accountabilities will include garnering support for a signature Mentoring/Technology Center in Birmingham and acting as the primary liaison for the implementation of our first Mentoring program in Birmingham.

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