Guiding our children to the 2060s

Social change keynote speaker and author on topics ranging from business strategies to fatherhood and the plight of underserved children.

He is unassuming. You might find him on a Saturday morning mowing the common-area and trimming the hedges of his community in Plano, TX. In the same week, he might post a video of his speech at Yale University. On Sundays, he is one of the first to show up in the lobby at One Community Church. He dresses up or down – depending on the occasion. He is a mentor, a coach, a leader and philanthropist. Ralph Harper is determined to be established as the force to be reckoned with regarding social change in the United States and the world.

As a social change keynote speaker and author, Harper has met many prominent people on his journey. President Obama, Michelle Obama, Eric Holder, Valerie Jarrett, several Fortune CEO’s, entertainers and more. However, Harper is quick to put his encounter with prominence when he makes it clear… “I met the Obamas; however, I can’t call them; and they don’t call me.” 

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How Our Children Will Lead the Next Cultural Movement

A powerful leader, social change keynote speaker, author, and mentor, Ralph Harper has launched his plan for a more literate, more inclusive, more crime-free America. In this important book, he outlines the journey of black Americans, from the bonds of slavery to the first black president, to the current struggles black Americans – including the author – have experienced. In Own the Change: How Our Children will Lead the Next Cultural Movement, Harper points out that the seventh decade of each century has brought great change for black Americans. Now, as we approach the 2060s, we must raise the next generations in a way that will set them up for success. His seven life principles, which emphasize a sense of duty, accountability, education, and hard work, will benefit people of every race, creed, and social status. A must-read for students of black history and for anyone interested in social change, this book outlines steps readers can take right now to make America the “perfect union” of equality and prosperity it has always had the potential to be.  Read the Preface

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…it’s forward thinking and positive. Ralph Harper’s tactics to strengthen families and communities align with what researchers posit as a viable solution to improving deteriorating black and brown communities. Imitation of empathy, love…

Trillion Small, Ph. D, LMFT Reader of Own the Change

In Own the Change, Ralph Harper defines the continuing dichotomy of the United States:  our values professed vs. the ones realized and not realized – specifically for certain people color.  Harper challenges each…

Robber Scott, Ph.D Former Corporate Vice President

Own the Change is powerful. First, it brings to focus certain lost virtues, self-awareness, open dialogue and the idea of investing in our youth. Second, the book places clear accountability on the right…

Ebenezer Ekuban National Football League Dallas Cowboys, Denver Broncos & Cleveland Browns

The commitment and bonding that Ralph has with Cody are really special. That is what fatherhood should be. This book is an invitation to all the fathers to STEP UP!

Alex G Reader of Stepped Up

I just began reading. I haven’t gotten to the table of contents yet and I’m crying already. This story is so moving and inspiring. I am touched to my core as I explore…

Andrea D Reader of Stepped Up

I commend the attention and lessons you taught Cody. You were and are an outstanding father to him. There’s just one word I would like for you to stop using and that is…

Kewanee D Reader of Stepped Up

Ralph bears his heart and soul in order to express the importance of giving his son the best jump start at life…a wonderful story of Love, discipline, and humor makes this book a…

Lori J Reader of Stepped Up

A Heart to Heart Story of the reality of Commitment When I first began reading Stepped Up, I thought it would broaden my understanding of the obstacles and rewards of raising a child…

Sharice C Reader of Stepped Up

A straight-talking memoir about a stepfather’s sometimes rocky but always loving relationship with the blue-eyed stepson who stole his heart. In his lively debut, Harper, an African-American, doesn’t dwell on racial differences between…

Kirkus Media LLC Reader of Stepped Up

On Saturday, Dec 21, I started reading Ralph Harper’s book, Stepped Up, The Urgency for Fatherhood, and I couldn’t put it down until I finished it on Sunday. It was very thought provoking…

Tammy W Reader of Stepped Up

I just finished reading “Stepped UP – The Urgency for Fatherhood” and I wanted to comment while the exhilaration was still fresh in my mind. I immensely enjoyed this book. It is one…

Jerry T Reader of Stepped Up

What an incredible story of what the role of fatherhood should look like! Very well-written and moving. I highly recommend this book for anyone who is a parent or is one day planning…

Brittany C Reader of Stepped Up

This inspiring story was a great book very easy to read. I finished it in a mere three days and it was one of the best books I have read in years. I…

Kerstin M Reader of Stepped Up

Harper’s account of overcoming obstacles in order to become a committed, faithful father is a touching read for fathers who take their role seriously despite the challenges they face.

Melissa Wuske Reader of Stepped Up

Ralph presents a very 21st century answer to a very real problem plaguing our children today–lack of fatherhood. This book challenges every man to show up and be present!

Tracey B Reader of Stepped Up

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