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Protests in The United States of America

Protests in The United States of America has its place; but, not against the outcome of the 2016 Presidential election. Our system is simple and fair. Any person 35 years of age and a natural born citizen of the United States qualifies to run for the highest office in the land. Next, the candidate must engender ordinary people-citizens to vote. The candidate achieving a minimum of 270 electoral votes is declared the winner and becomes President-elect until he or she is sworn in as president of the United States on the January 20th following the election.

I voted for Mrs. Clinton and I will not offer an apology for my choice. However, in the end, like Muhammad Ali in 1964 when he defeated then champion Sonny Liston for the Championship of the world, Mr. Trump “shook up the world” and there is absolutely nothing I or a protest can do about that.

So nothing went wrong. The election wasn’t rigged. The reality here is fundamental; everything went right – exactly as planned – for Mr. Trump. As I watched on MSNBC, the optics of the small portions of blue in the bottom right quadrant of the state of Pennsylvania compared to the sea of red that covered the rest of the small counties in the state, I was reminded of ordinary people living in some of the most remote geographies of the state simply exercising their respective right to vote. Then a new reality surfaced related to the fact there was no basis for me or anyone else to judge or label these citizens of our country.

So… I see you! I see you protesting. I see you via my imagination – men and women registered to vote (who chose not to) protesting. I see the hand-written signs and the professional ones. I see the attention. I see the masses in major cities all across our country. I see the diversity. I see the anger. I see the coalescing. I see the children. However, with all due respect, I do not see the value of your protest.

Yes, protesting in the United States has its place; but, might more value be added by protesting on the streets of poverty? Could more value be added by protesting against those responsible for but unwilling to ensure children are reading on a regular basis and making their education their absolute number one priority? Why not protest on the steps where young children with nothing more than their hollow stares are begging for a little concern and a hint of an adult’s time. Protest in the halls of in education. Protest in the face of injustice; then, protest against mass incarceration. Protest with a fraction of your time as a mentor. Protest on a ballot. Keep a close eye on our President and others in positions of power willing to impose their authority in ways that might negatively impact you and your family; and, protest when it makes sense to do so. Just be sure to “do something” of value.