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Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome

Joan Walsh wrote a book titled “What’s The Matter With White People?” One might argue the same question could apply to Black people. Interestingly, the answer to the question about Black’s may be embedded right here in this book. The title alone says a lot.

For some time I had been struggling to get through certain chapters of the book I’m currently writing. My struggle was in part because I know I have a profound obligation, to tell the truth about the unconditional accountability Blacks have to lift themselves and their children up and out of the grips generational plight that continues to plague far too many of our communities. I simply didn’t know how to say it without p****** people off.

My very close friend doctor/sociologist, Kelly Owens, suggested I read this book. So that’s exactly what I’m doing. The purpose is to gain a clearer understanding of Dr. DeGruy’s theories related to the profound impact slavery continues to impose on modern-day Blacks. This reading exercise will hopefully make me feel better about completing my book project. It doesn’t matter if your Black, White, Asian, Hispanic, African – whatever. You should read it as well.

You see my book touts a notion we have the power and all the other assets required to irradiate generational plight and hardship in Black and underserved communities by the 60’s – 2060’s. Now – all we have to do is exert the WILL to make it happen.

I need all hands on deck!!!!!!